Why Leadership Matters to Internal Communication: Linking Transformational Leadership, Symmetrical Communication, and Employee Outcomes

Topic: Leadership Communication Authors, Title and Publication Men, L. (2014). Why leadership matters to internal communication: Linking transformational leadership, symmetrical communication, and employee outcomes. Journal of Public Relations Research, 26(3), 256-279. Summary Leadership at different levels directly or indirectly determines structural forms, organizational culture and climate, power distribution, and communication. Different types of leadership advocate different communication […]

Strategic Internal Communication: Transformational Leadership, Communication Channels, and Employee Satisfaction

Topic: Leadership, Employee Communication Channels, and Employee Satisfaction Authors, Title and Publication Men, L. R. (2014). Strategic internal communication: Transformational leadership, communication channels, and employee satisfaction. Management Communication Quarterly, 28(2), 1-21. Summary Technological development is changing the landscape of communication as well as the internal communication formula of companies. The easy access of organizations to […]

“Chief Engagement Officer:” The Role of CEOs in Internal Communication

In a recent interview with McKinsey & Company in April 2014, Richard Edelman used the term “chief engagement officer” to describe a Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) new role, when discussing how today’s leaders can regain public trust. Rather than merely formulate policies, CEOs must step forward, meet communities both internally and externally, establish personal relationships, […]

Engaging Employees: Effectiveness of Traditional vs. New Media Channels

The Web 2.0 era has changed the basic landscape of communication, including that of the internal communication of companies. Organizations today can access various communication tools for reaching and engaging employees, ranging from traditional print publications (such as newsletters, magazines, and posters) to phone calls, intranets, face-to-face communication, and emails to Web 2.0 tools (such […]

Measuring the Impact of Leadership Style and Employee Empowerment on Perceived Organizational Reputation

Topic: Leadership Style and Employee Empowerment Author(s), Title and Publication Men, L. R. (2010). Measuring the Impact of Leadership Style and Employee Empowerment on Perceived Organizational Reputation. Institute for Public Relations. Summary This research examined the impact of organizational leadership on internal communication.  Specifically, it built links among leadership style, employee empowerment, and employees’ perceptions […]

Leadership Style and Organizational Reputation

How do management behavior and leadership effectiveness influence internal communication outcomes, such as employee perception of organizational reputation? When employees like the company they work for, they feel a stronger sense of belongingness and commitment; they are less prone to leave and they look forward to contributing to the success of the company everyday. Another […]