Understanding Social Media Peer Communication and Organization-Public Relationships: Evidence from China and the United States

Men, Rita Linjuan, & Muralidharan, Sidharth (2017). Understanding social media peer communication and organization-public relationships: Evidence from China and the United States. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 94(1), 81-101. Summary There is a lack of research particularly on how peer communication in virtual communities about companies may influence the quality of organization–public relationship (OPR) outcomes. […]

The Interplay Among Organizational Leadership, Culture, and Communication

Author(s), Title and Publication: Men, L. R., & Jiang, H. (2016). Cultivating quality employee-organization relationships: The interplay among organizational leadership, culture, and communication. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 10(5), 462 – 479. Summary Positive employee-organization relationship (EOR) is an important intangible asset for organizations, which influences external stakeholders’ perception and drives business performance. Considering the […]

Knowing Who You Are Talking with: Understanding and Segmenting Your Internal Audience

We often hear people say communication failed because they missed the target. Similar to any strategic communication effort, employee communication requires a thorough understanding and accurate grasp of who the internal audience is—whom the company and its leaders are trying to reach, connect with, listen to, or engage. Employees differ in terms of demographics, psychographics, […]

The Secret to Creating an Engaged Workforce

Author(s), Title and Publication Jiang, H., & Men, R. L. (2015). Creating an engaged workforce: The impact of authentic leadership, transparent organizational communication, and work-life enrichment. Communication Research, DOI: 10.1177/0093650215613137. Summary This study examined how organizational leadership interplays with communication to influence employees’ work-life enrichment and work engagement. Employee engagement is a work-related motivated state of […]

Four Steps to Manage Organizational Change

“There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things.” –Machiavelli An important prerequisite for modern organizations to grow and succeed in the dynamic and competitive global market is to scan and monitor the environment constantly, make necessary adjustments, […]

The Internal Communication Role of the Chief Executive Officer: Communication Channels, Styles, and Effectiveness.

Authors, Title and Publication Men, L. R. (2015). The Internal Communication Role of the Chief Executive Officer: Communication Channels, Styles, and Effectiveness. Public Relations Review, 41, 461-471. This article reports a study that primarily investigated the role of CEOs in organizational internal communication. Executive leaders, particularly CEOs, play a unique organizational role. As the top […]

The Effects of Authentic Leadership on Strategic Internal Communication and Employee-Organization Relationships

Authors, Title and Publication Men, L. R., & Stacks, D. W. (2014). The effects of authentic leadership on strategic internal communication and employee-organization relationships. Journal of Public Relations Research, 26(4), 301-324. Summary Organizational leadership influences strategic internal communication in several ways. First, leadership influences organizational infrastructures, such as the development of organizational culture, structure, and communication […]

10 Ways to Create a Corporate Culture for Employee Engagement

On September 22, 2014, the largest global IPO in history was marked by the $25 billion value of Alibaba Group. Even though I left the company seven years ago, I was proud and excited the moment the bell rang. Earlier this summer, I interviewed one of the co-founders of Alibaba Group, who had started an […]

Infusing Social Media with Humanity: Corporate Character, Public Engagement and Relational Outcomes

Men, Linjuan Rita, & Tsai, Wan-Hsiu Sunny (2015). Infusing social media with humanity: Corporate character, public engagement, and relational outcomes. Public Relations Review, 41(3), 395-403. Summary This study links the factors central to social media communications, including perceived corporate character, parasocial interaction, and community identification, to public engagement and organization–public relationships. Based on American users’ […]

Chief Engagement Officer: Effective CEO Communication Styles and Channels

The role of CEOs as chief engagement officers in the social media era is being increasingly recognized in our field. In my previous blog entry, I summarized my research on why effective CEO communication is important. Simply, CEOs who are better communicators are perceived as better leaders. Furthermore, successful CEO communication builds leadership credibility, empowers […]

Does Ethical Leadership Communication Engage Employees?

Does ethical leadership communication engage employees? The simple answer is—YES! But how? Leadership is a nested influence in an organization that affects organizational culture, structures, communication climates, systems, and the attitudes and behaviors of employees. Many effective leadership behaviors and styles have ethical elements; for instance, authentic leadership involves a positive moral perspective that guides […]