The State of Measurement Standards January 2013: It’s a Bridge, it’s a Bridge!

This article was first published in The Measurement Standard, a publication of KDPaine & Partners, a company that delivers custom research to measure brand image, public relationships, and engagement. For years, those of us who live on the Seacoast of New Hampshire had been hearing warnings about the dire state of the Memorial Bridge over the Piscataqua […]

Social Media Measurement Standards – Everything You Need to Know

When anyone asks why standards are important, I cite a recent conversation with a client. It started with what seemed a simple question: “Are we able to see how many people saw the stories, and how do you calculate reach?” A dozen emails later, we finally sorted out that what the client called reach, we […]

How to Measure Your Results in a Crisis

2002 – The survival of an organization’s reputation during a crisis depends on its internal culture, strength of its communications and integrity of its leadership. Despite the urgency of all management and communications efforts in a crisis, today’s technologies make it possible to effectively monitor public impact and reaction virtually in real time, and to […]

A Non-Profit Builds a Dashboard That Belongs In Every Boardroom

2001 – There is a widely held misperception that not-for-profit organizations are not held to the same “bottom line” accountability as their counterparts in the corporate sector. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Think about it. Do you really think that millions of private contributors demand any less accountability than individual shareholders? Or that […]

Fun Things To Do With Measurement

2001 – The point of measurement and evaluation is to help you make better, more informed decisions. A measurement report should help your business first, enhance your career second, and justify your existence third. If you focus on the first goal – improving your business, you will always get funding for the next research program.  […]

Katie Paine: Black Box to Lucite

As measurement is increasingly seen as a requirement for communications professionals rather than a “nice-to-have,” the number of different methodologies and techniques to measure results has proliferated.