IPR Supports Multinational Communication Conference for Ibero-American Senior Managers

How is public relations studied and practiced around the globe is a question that always fascinates scholars and professionals. Major professional associations of Latin America, Portugal, and Spain will host the First Ibero-American Summit of Strategic Communication (CIBECOM), April 5-7, in Miami (see video). The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) is supporting the summit and […]

Scholarship Across Borders: IPR’s Contributions to the Global Profession

The contributions of IPR to international public relations began long before the organization started sponsoring multinational research or hosting events outside the United States. Many of my colleagues and their students across the world have accessed, used, and distributed contents available on the Institute’s website. Recently, this global outreach has been expanded with the Research […]

Dr. Juan-Carlos Molleda

Digital Communications Aid a Dying Democracy in Latin America

For the first time in 17 years and 20 national elections, the Venezuelan opposition overwhelmingly won two-thirds (112/167) of the National Assembly’s seats with a noticeable participation of 75% of voters on Sunday, December 6, 2015.  The political event is not only, as The New York Times highlights, a rare victory, but also an example […]

An Intertwined Future: Exploring the Relationship between the Levels of Professionalization and Social Roles of Public Relations Professionals

Abstract: In this quantitative research study, the future of public relations practice and study is explored through the lens of professionalization and social roles. Specifically, this study evaluates the relationship between professionalization and social roles of public relations professionals. A survey of public relations professionals is used to build and test a model of professionalization and […]

Dr. Juan-Carlos Molleda

Volkswagen’s Transnational Crisis │ In Full-Speed Mode

For 15 years, I studied transnational crises from a theoretical perspective, which I have come to refer to as cross-national conflict shifts (CNCS). In that time, I never experienced a corporate crisis – caused by the decisions and actions of a global corporation – as full-blown as the case of the Volkswagen Group (VW). I […]

Dr. Juan-Carlos Molleda

Five Steps for Localizing Your Campaign

In the United States, we can publicly develop campaigns related to mental illnesses such as depression. Powerful and moving testimonials from family members, friends, and doctors of persons living with depression can each provide awareness for campaigns. Personal stories on the travails and successes of living with a mental illness, will garner empathy towards the […]

Global Public Relations

Many types of organizations virtually and physically interact and communicate with publics and/or audiences outside their own country of origin to build a dynamic set of relationships. Trade, direct foreign investment, political coalitions, worthy global causes, information flow, and social networking, among other phenomena, are increasing the complexity of these relationships dramatically. The purpose of […]

Global, International, Comparative and Regional Public Relations Knowledge from 1990 to 2005

The purpose of this study is to identify and content analyze the stream of trade and academic publications on international public relations or related materials published by selected U.S. and U.K. academic journals, the Institute for Public Relations’ online publications and international association publications (i.e., IABC-IPRA) from 1990 to 2005. Because of the constant expansion […]