A multi-systems theory of organizational communication

Topic: Organizational Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Grunig, J. E. (1975). A multi-systems theory of organizational communication. Communication Research, 2(2), 99-136. Summary This classic article presents a theory of organizational communication that explains how different communication behaviors are motivated by individual and structural characteristics of people and situations. According to the theory, whether systems (including […]

Guidelines for Formative and Evaluative Research in Public Affairs

2001 – This report is a narrative description of what the best public affairs programs within and beyond the Department of Energy Office of Science are doing to formulate and assess their operations. We focus on appropriate procedures for formative and evaluative research rather than suggesting specific outcomes. Finally, we organize our white paper along […]

Guidelines For Measuring Relationships in Public Relations

In order to answer the question — “How can PR practitioners begin to pinpoint and document for senior management the overall value of public relations to the organization as a whole?” — different tools and techniques are needed. The authors have found through their research that perceptions regarding an organization”s longer-term relationships with key constituencies […]