Sexual Harassment: A Workplace Pandemic (Part Two)

This is the second article in a series of two articles.  The first article published on December 5th explored background on the issue of sexual harassment, the extent of the problem and the role of silence. You can find it here. Victim Response on Sexual Harassment As we consider the severity of the issue of […]

Sexual Harassment: A Workplace Pandemic

This article is the first in a two-part series that explores some of the issues surrounding sexual harassment. The year was 1980.  It was my first job in private industry and I was working in a division of a company that would later become part of what is now Verizon.  To make a long story […]

Values: Organizations Must Make Them Real

Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset once said, “Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.”  So, as organizations sit in their Boardrooms and deliberate to come up with the right list of values, how much meaning, importance and identity does the organization ultimately associate with them? Many […]

Contact Sport and Reality TV? Six Traits of a Credible PR Spokesperson

Every day a new drama unfolds in the media leaving us dismayed and disappointed. At the highest levels, we see behaviors and commentary from PR spokespersons that make us reluctant to turn on the television, open a newspaper or log on to social media. It is as if public relations has become a combination of […]

Seven Steps to Developing Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand… is this a topic that you think or care about? Or do you discount it saying to yourself, “I don’t need to be concerned with this.” As entrepreneur, author and humanitarian activist Dan Pallotta stated, “Brand is everything, and everything is brand.” Just as companies care about their brands, you should too. Part […]

Eight Steps to Prepare for that “Tweet” that Comes out of Nowhere

How prepared are you if you come under social media attack? If a certain someone posts a defamatory tweet about you, your company or your products are you prepared to do anything about “it”? And in what ways can you best prepare? This was a subject at the recent Strategic Corporate Communication and Research Conference, […]

Seven Reasons PR Matters More Than Ever

Never before have I felt that the profession of public relations is under siege as it is now. For one who has been in the profession for more than 25 years and teaches at the university graduate level, each week I face students who are uncertain about how to think about their chosen field as […]

Eight Coaching Lessons We Can Learn From the Second Presidential Debate

Many of us were left wanting and some sat in disgust and disappointment as we watched the recent Presidential debate. On the one hand, we continued to see half-truths, vile accusations and boorish behavior. On the other hand we also saw missed opportunities and messages lost on political rhetoric and stump speeches. There are lessons […]

Five Key Communication Strategies To Combat Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Recent headlines splashed across the front page underscore the embarrassing place companies can be put when sexual harassment charges are brought against them or someone in their employ. While the issue of sexual harassment is not new and has been against the law in the U.S. for decades, it seems to be alive and well […]

BREXIT: Six Steps Global Organizations Should Consider Now

As the world sits in a wait and see mode as the implications of the vote in the United Kingdom to separate from the European Union unravels, there are important opportunities for global organizations, particularly those with a presence in the United Kingdom and Europe, to consider.  Organizations would be well served to develop communications […]

The Five R’s of Creating a Personal Brand

How many people will you meet in the course of your lifetime?  Estimates out there range from 75,000 – 100,000 people. Could be more.  Of course the depth of those interactions also range but think about it this way…each person you meet and interact with throughout the course of your lifetime is the population of […]