When Public Relations Professionals are the Employees: Their Own Work vs. Life

Job search site CareerCast ranked public relations as the sixth most stressful job in 2016 (Suleman, 2016). When we, professional communicators, are at the other side of the table, how are we dealing with our own work-life conflict? In this blog post, I discuss the ways in which work environment and professional identification impact public […]

I Trust You, I Trust You Not: Different Sides of Organization-Public Relationships

Scholars in public relations have contended that organization-public relationship (OPR) quality has multiple dimensions, including the oft-cited list of trust, satisfaction, control mutuality, and commitment. The concept of OPR quality is assumed to be positive (Heath, 2013), which nevertheless does not describe relational problems in reality. In this blog post, I introduce an additional side […]

The Making of Caring Employees: Internal Relationship Building

It goes without saying that effective employee communication is important to an excellent organization. Without an engaged, trusting, and caring workforce, organizations’ external goals could suffer (e.g., Guaspari, 2002; Berger, 2016). Then the question that follows is: How to build this trusting and caring workforce? In this blog post, I share preliminary results from one […]

PR Professionals’ Technology Use: Emotional, Financial, and Professional Ramifications

Shen, Hongmei & Fussell Sisco,Hilary (2015). PR professionals’ technology use: Emotional, financial, and professional ramifications. Public Relations Journal, 9(2), 1-17. https://www.prsa.org/intelligence/prjournal/documents/2015v09n02shensisco.pdf   Summary This study examined Information and communication technologies (ICT) use by public relations practitioners and its influence on work-life conflict, income, and professional outlook through a random national survey (n = 820) of […]