Engaging Employees: Why Do You Think We Don’t?

From 60 years of accumulated scholarship about employee communication and engagement, we can safely reach two conclusions: First, organizations that effectively engage their workforces have better business results than those which do not. Second, most organizations do not effectively engage their workforces. Attempting to document why organizational leaders who know what to do don’t do […]

Change Management Communication: Is It Somehow “Different”?

 My academic and professional careers have been eclectic enough that I’ve sampled the literature from numerous diverse fields. Most overlap little or not at all. (Safe to say I’m the only author published both in “Transfusion” and “Journal of Communication Management”!) Some, however, treat similar subjects, and on occasion the scholars in two fields actually […]

Employee relations in Land of 10,000 Lakes: Is there something in the water?

On April 1, the Minnesota Twins opened the 2013 baseball season. The day’s high temperature was 33 degrees. Not a great way to start, but as is always true on opening day, everywhere, there are high hopes for a winning year. The Twins have already won one 2013 accolade. They were named one of the […]