Four Ways to Deliver Higher Value Through Higher Performance

New insights on how communications teams can deliver higher value by leveraging talent. What is high performance for a communications team? A decade ago, the answer might have included statements about “extensive publicity,” “stunning graphic design” or other communications-based outcomes. But the nature and practice of communications has changed dramatically in recent years. And, at […]

Top Five Questions to Ask About Mix Market Modeling

Market Mix Modeling: Why You Are Failing at It and What You Can Do About It While market mix models (MMM) might sound quite elementary to our peers in marketing, PR professionals have only recently discovered their value. This sudden interest in this statistical tool can be partly attributed to the need to prove our […]

Communicating Authentic Tourism Experiences

What drives tourists’ choice of destinations? Why do tourists prefer some destinations over others? The answer to these questions is simpler than one might think: Tourists want an authentic experience. When they visit a site in Mexico, or Brazil, or India they are looking for the image of the country to match the one that […]