How Public Opinion Affects Public Affairs

Every company is concerned about its reputation — for lots of good reasons. But we don’t talk much about the relationship between a company’s reputation and its success in public affairs. If the public doesn’t trust you, are you more likely to be regulated? If Congress likes you, will it pass favorable laws? If your […]

2016 Public Affairs Survey Finds Most Americans Take Discrimination Seriously

Strong majorities of Americans are concerned about all forms of discrimination — whether it’s based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender or other factors. But attitudes about discrimination vary sharply based on political party, age, gender and other factors. The results come from the 2016 Public Affairs Pulse survey, a telephone poll of 1,000 […]

Who’s Behind Corporate Advocacy on Social Issues? Employees.

Major corporations are facing growing pressure to weigh in on social issues — and much of this pressure is coming from employees themselves, says a new Public Affairs Council study, Taking a Stand: How Corporations Speak Out on Social Issues. The poll of 92 businesses in a wide variety of industries finds that – over the […]

Don’t Read This or I May Have to Disclose It

A recent decision by an ethics commission in New York is a bad idea built on a flawed concept. And it may foretell new regulatory challenges facing communications and government affairs professionals. In late January, the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) voted to require public relations consultants to register as lobbyists […]