Combating “Post-Truth” with Honesty and Integrity

This weekend we watched as the White House spokesman presented misinformation and then reprimanded the media for reporting facts. This comes on the heels of backlash over fake news in social media that has raised skepticism and created confusion in the public. I suspect this kind of blatant disregard for truth is contributing to plummeting […]

Exploring the Policies of Blogger Product Endorsements

Walden, Justin, Bortree, Denise and DiStaso, Marcia. (2015). This blog brought to you by … exploring blogger perceptions of a product endorsement policy and reviews. Journal of Communication Management, 19(3), 1-17. Summary This study investigates how bloggers produce product reviews and their views on the quality of their relationship with firms that pitch products for […]

Finding Best Practices in CSR Communication: Funding for Research

In today’s environment, corporate social responsibility has emerged as an important management concept. Publics expect companies to be engaged in responsible activities that make a significant contribution to communities, the environment, and society. Though corporations have adopted more sustainable and responsible practices, they often struggle to communicate about them effectively. Practitioners find that promoting environmental […]