#Disclosure: New FTC Social Media Guidelines for PR

When discussing the laws and regulations of social media, a common refrain is the law is trying to catch up with the technology.  However, in 2013 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took one step closer to catching up to social media’s rapid development by providing guidelines for what constitutes legally sound disclosure practices on social […]

Cayce Myers

Free Speech v. Social Media: Is Your Policy Legal?

Perhaps no group of people possesses more sensitive, important and potentially damaging information about an organization than its employees.  Given this concern over social media image, organizations are crafting social media policies that limit what employees can say about their employers online.  Since PR practitioners are often viewed as social media gurus, crafting these social […]

Cayce Myers

Litigation and Public Relations: Four Questions Every Practitioner Should Ask

This is a summary of the research Cayce Myers presented at this year’s International Public Relations Research Conference. Increasingly public relations practitioners are confronted with clients who have not only PR problems, but legal ones as well.  One of the major issues of having a client facing or embroiled in a lawsuit is determining what […]