Choosing the Right Name: How the U.S. Supreme Court Changed Trademark Law in 2017

Download Infographic: Choosing the Right Name Names are important, especially for organizations. They are meant to distinguish one thing from another in the marketplace. However, names are more than just identifiers. They can evoke an organization’s culture and attitude, stir emotions, and, when chosen poorly, can cause an otherwise good product or organization to be […]

Cayce Myers

FTC Regulation of Native Advertising: How New Federal Rules Impact PR Practice

Download Full Paper (PDF): FTC Regulation of Native Advertising:  How New Federal Rules Impact PR Practice Download Infographic: Three Takeaways from Native Advertising Regulation This paper examines native advertising and the FTC regulations that affect its content. Specific attention is given to the FTC 2015 guidelines Native Advertising: A Guide for Business and their Enforcement […]

Cayce Myers

Protecting Online Image in a Digital Age: How Trademark Issues Affect PR Practice

Cayce Myers, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., Legal Research Editor for Institute for Public Relations, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Virginia Tech | Download Full Paper (PDF): Protecting Online Image in a Digital Age: How Trademark Issues Affect PR Practice Executive Summary Trademark law directly affects the level of control a public relations […]

Cayce Myers

Suing for a Good Review: Using Twibel to Manage Online Image

The old adage that “perception is reality” is particularly true in online reputation management.  Practitioners know that what’s said online, true or not, frequently influences the public’s perception of their client.  Online image cultivation and maintenance has become part of almost all public relations practice, and practitioners continually strive to keep up with what people […]

Cayce Myers

Crowdfunding and Public Relations: How Federal Agencies Regulate Online Campaigns

What are the legal limits on raising capital for startups?  Are there legal constraints on promotions for a startup?  Can a for-profit organization raise money on the Internet from unsophisticated investors?  These questions are important for practitioners to know given the changing nature of online capital campaigns. Public relations literature on fundraising has proliferated in […]

China’s New Communication Laws: Three Things PR Practitioners Need to Know

As interest in international public relations increases, knowing the communication laws that affect other countries is all the more important.  Nowhere is this more important than China.  In April 2015 the Chinese government passed new communications laws that will go into effect in September 2015.  These laws represent the latest Chinese effort to protect consumers […]

Knowing When It’s Legally Safe to Say “I’m Sorry”: The Legal Effects of Mortification Strategy

This article is part of research presented at the 2015 International Public Relations Research Conference. For similar research visit IPR’s  Law and Public Relations research section. Public relations practitioners have long known saying “I’m sorry” in a crisis causes negative collateral consequences.  These consequences frequently are lawsuits that use organizational statements of apology, empathy, sympathy, and remorse […]

Is Your Social Media Account Really Yours? Guidelines for PR Practitioners and Organizations to Determine Social Media Ownership

You own your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts right? After all, it’s your pictures, your name, and your connections. However, recent lawsuits show that ownership of social media accounts is not as clear-cut as commonly thought. Organizations increasingly argue they have a proprietary interest not only in social media accounts associated with their businesses, but […]