Brad Rawlins

Prioritizing Stakeholders for Public Relations

By reviewing the literature in stakeholder theory, stakeholder management, and public relations, this paper arrives at a model that prioritizes stakeholders through a four-step process: Identifying all potential stakeholders according to their relationship to the organization Prioritizing stakeholders by attributes Prioritizing stakeholders by relationship to the situation Prioritizing the publics according to the communication strategy […]

Does Familiarity Breed Contempt or Trust?

By using a pre-test/post-test survey around a safety awareness campaign, this study hopes to find which factors of trust are most likely to predict a trusting behavior between schools and a pipeline company. In particular, does increasing school awareness of safety measures and the possible risks of close proximity to a pipeline enhance trust with […]

Trust and PR Practice

This paper is an another major addition to the Institute’s growing collection of baseline papers examining what existing research teaches us in specific areas of practice. Brad Rawlins, Ph.D., Brigham Young University, reviews academic and trade literature on the concept of trust. His paper links to literature demonstrating how essential trust is for any social relationship. […]